Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Casual Summer Fun

Are you excited for the summer?
When June rolls around, it's now the time to ditch the pretty spring dresses, grab a pair or shorts and a bikini, and head to the beach (or pool, if not fortunate enough to live by the ocean) and soak up the sun. *Cue Sheryl Crowe* 

This set is a nice casual outfit PERFECT for hanging out on the pier, going to a theme park, or maybe a fair- San Diego county fair anyone? Shorts are always the best to wear on a hot summer day, as they allow you to move around freely and are a better option than a skirt for fun outings. I adore the ripped look of these! A black tank top (this one by 2020Ave) is a perfect canvas for fun jewelry, as black just looks nice and is a versatile color. The double stranded necklace is from MetroParkUSA. These leather fringe sandals are quite a statement, and add some fun to it, as well as this bright floral Eugenia Kim Marique headband. As for the bag- I chose the Saint Laurent medium Lulu satchel because for fun events like a fair or theme park, the last thing you want to do is lug around a humongous tote bag that's heavy and not as easily transportable for rides. You don't want anything stolen or ruined, do you? A satchel or cross body bag is perfect for an occasion such as this. 

What are your plans this summer? I am quite busy myself, and after this I am going to draft up a blog post for that purpose specifically, there's just so much! 

I hope you guys enjoyed this outfit! :)
Have a lovely afternoon.