Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Creme of the Crop

So I don't know about everyone else, but I LOVE cremes & peaches for any season! In fall and winter, you can pair it with a cute black trench coat. In summer, you can just wear it light and free. Whatever the way you wear it, you are sure to feel dainty & girly!

That's one of the reasons why I love this color so much... What kind of girly girl doesn't like feeling dainty? :D

Some tips for creme:
-Gold is usually the best color of jewelry that will match creme. It just goes better with the color.
-Stay light. If you go for any dark color, go gray or black
-Pearls are a GREAT accent ;)

What do you think about creme?

(Psssst.... I'm on vacation camping so sorry for the super quick posts, but I'll be doing more quality posts when I get home)

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Road Trip

So one thing i'm REALLY excited for is the road trip to the Northwest that my family (ok, well, my dad,sister & I, minus my brother & mother) take at the beginning of every summer! It usually lasts anywhere from around 10 days to a month, and it's exploring! :) We also bring my dad's horse with us!

We usually study western history, like the Lewis & Clark Expedition, The Battle of the Little Bighorn... you know, stuff like that. :)

One thing that people don't really know about me is that i am absolutely FACINATED with history, and that i love it! Since i'm a girly-girl, i guess it's hard to get past the fact that i have a brain... -__-Totally not my case!

The part of history that intrigues me most is the 1800's. So many changes were happening, not to mention the beautiful gowns that lady's wore :) I am OBSESSED with victorian dresses! I love travel gowns, ball gowns and tea outfits, especially after the civil war.

Anyways, I could ramble on and on, but I won't:) Do you ever take fun annual trips? I'll show you my suitcase eventually. :)

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Les Miserables: The Movie

So anyone who knows me AT ALL (& now you lol) that i love the musical Les Miserables! I've been in theatre for a while now, and usually us thespians have a favorite musical. While most of us like the newer, more popular musicals (like Wicked or Rent), this happens to be my favorite. 
There is just so much to the story; it's all about love, redemption, compassion, good vs. evil, etc.
The characters are memorable and you can't help but feel for them.(I mean, look at Fantine in "I Dreamed A Dream"- here she is trying to take care of her daughter and look at all the hardship she faces! && You CANNOT forget Eponine with "On My Own"! I'm pretty sure everyone has felt that way.) Not tonly that, but the book by Victor Hugo is magnifique! (He also wrote the Hunchback of Notre Dame). I encourage everyone to check out & read the book!

You may ask, who all is in it? The directer is Tom Hooper(The King's Speech) The lead Jean Valjean is played by Hugh Jackman (X-Men movies) , Anne Hathaway(The Princess Diaries), who plays the desolate Fantine, Russel Crowe (Robinhood), who plays the merciless detective, and Amanda Seyfried (Mamma Mia!) , who plays the beautiful Cosette, who is Fantine's daughter. This is only a select few of the star-studded cast. I have great expectations for this move :)

One reason why this is being remade into yet another movie is because this is the FIRST time it's being adapted into a musical; no other version of this movie has been made into a musical yet.
I have been waiting for this for a LOOONG time! :)

Wanna watch the trailer?
Watch it here!
Like me & want to read the book BEFORE it comes out in December?
Buy on Amazon!

You can also look up the play on youtube; they have various versions from different theatre companies and schools, or also look up the 10th and 25th concerts, which you can find there as well. :)

Anyone excited for this movie? :D

This post was inspires by an excellent blogger, Shelby. She did a blog post on The Great Gatsby, but this is the same type of post , and even though it's not quite the same, i give due respect where it deserves it. :)
Check out her blog?

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Happy Summer!

 Hey guys, Happy Summer!

I have to apologize for lacking on posts, but i haven't been able to focus really on anything since everything has been going on. 

Prom was so much fun! It was held at a very upscale hotel about an hour away. I had fun spending time on the dance floor with all of my friends. You can find my vlog right here , So check it out! (I'm in the poofy purple ball gown!!) :D

The first thing that was preoccupying me was the fact that it's my senior year and i had to focus on graduation and senior activities. There were numerous practices that took absolutely FOR-EV-ER!! There were over 600+ people in the class 2012, so you could probably imagine how long that takes to get through the practice and ceremony! My mom-mom came down last minute from the East Coast to see my graduation, which was a pleasant surprise. I received my thespian honor chords (which was what i spent the extent of my high school career earning) :] .
There was Senior BBQ as well, which was more of like a water fun day because there were various water slides,squirt guns, and dunk tanks, etc water related toys.I didn't enjoy this  AS much because we were on turf (the plastic grass stuff) and my feet were burnt by the grass, which took most of the excitement away.

The actual graduation is a whole was a complete sticky, disorganized MESS of ULTIMATE CHAOS!! It was scary, even for me. I have never seen anything as disorganized as this, even though i went to a Jonas Brothers concert (which was a pretty decently organized event). People were so rude, and the venue we held our graduation at(which is a HUGE place) was completely sold out, which had never happened before.

I'm glad i'm out of high school. I felt so restricted on things i could do. Theatre + AP  classes really don't leave ANY time for jobs or travel, or really blogging haha. Not only that, but there were so many tragic events at my school this year, from gun threats to gas leaks(due to an "upgrade" to our school), and 2 suicides, a truck plowing into 9 students giving 3 serious comas, and a teacher fired for having a sexual relationship with a student. CRAZY YEAR! && honestly, the worst part is that this is all really random and fluke things. The school i graduated from was one of the top public schools in California, i don't know about it anymore...

    Before & Graduation 

But anyways, i'll get to the part you all come for anyways:THE FASHION!
Now it's HOT where i live. Now quite as hot as it is in the desert, but a few degrees lower. Most people wear tank tops and shorts, i (sometimes lol) included. 2 days after  i graduated, we went to the mall, and this is the top that i wore:

The purple racer back tank is from Target, and over it, i wore this colorful top (which is actually supposed to be a dress lol) over it, with a necklace my mom bought me a while ago. I love this top! It is so bright and colorful, PERFECT for warmer days. Brighter colors are also uplifting, so pull on something fun if you're feeling low!

I just wore a pair of denim shorts from Torrid and just some basic, black flip flops from Forever21, which can be found right here . 

What do you think? I have a few things i'm doing this summer that might take away from this, but i plan to stick to this blogging business. I love writing and sharing my style with everyone!

Until next time,
     Layla <3