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Bonjour, beauties!

I'm Layla, and i'd like to welcome you to my blog, xfashionablyfabulousx!

Now, you could just read the little side bar "about me" section, but it won't give you all the deets,will it?

I love fashion. Infact, i'm going to my dream school to pursue a degree in Visual Communications. What do i want to do with that? Well, i want to be a celebrity stylist! :D I love putting outfits together; there's nothing that makes me happier! It's just... my thing. Can i really explain something i love any better? Well i could, but i would type so much and it would bore you and you probably more than likely wouldn't read it. :)

Anywho, i'm fresh-out-of-highschool, from California. I AM IN LOVE with One Direction(Second love from fashion haha) and i have this thing for make-up.iI'm girly and glam but can also be edgy:) I've been in theatre for 6 years and i also have been riding horses sporadically since i can barely remember. I love pretty things that are usually pink &/or pastel. I dream of visiting Europe (England, France, & Italy), and i have a fetish for reading. What else is there, really? lol
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  1. Cute blog! I would love it if you could check mine out at! Thanks, and I loved reading ore about you, us bloggers got to stick together!