Sunday, August 31, 2014

Pre New York Fashion Week 2014

So starting September 4th, the week that all fashion lovers wait all year for, is coming about us: fashion week. DUN DUN DUNNNN! 

I myself, am ANXIOUSLY awaiting the runway looks to review and critique (which is one of my favorite type of posts to do). 

In honor of fashion week, Polyvore has a contest going for fashion week, and the premise is that you're going to a Marc Jacobs show sitting in the front row; what do you wear? 
The obvious answer for me is to wear Marc Jacobs or Marc by Marc Jacobs, because repping the clothes is pretty important, especially if you're being invited to attend, right? Also, in true fashion week fashion, head to toe black is the way to go. I may not have used head to toe black, but that is because I prefer to use pops of color to keep it interesting. I find it okay to use pops of color as long as the main stable piece, or majority of your outfit is black. The only piece of this outfit that isn't Marc Jacobs is the belt, but it was too perfect with the dress to pass up. 

What would you wear to one of the shows? Leave a comment down below :)

I'm super excited that i'm able to blog again, for a just got a new computer, so more blog posts yay! :D I'll write another blog post tomorrow or later tonight, because MUCH has happened that i've been itching to blog about and share. If you have anything fashion related you have questions about or any tricky trends, and pieces you like but need help styling, etc. feel free to email me here or leave a comment. 

Love, Layla <3