Friday, June 21, 2013

I Can't Keep Up With The Tempo

Hello lovely people!
Here is this fun casual summer date outfit! I Can't Keep Up With The Tempo

I Can't Keep Up With The Tempo by xfashionablyfabulousx featuring a floppy hat'

I love the dress- it totally has the fun, bright summer vibe going on! I adore bright floral patterns, and sun dresses are totally IN for summer (and honestly, who DOESN'T LOVE a cute dress??). I paired it with this gold Versace belt to tie it all in, and added a denim jacket- because hey, it can get chilly at night, ESPECIALLY if you're at the beach. These ballerina flats are simply adorable- I am a sucker for anything with bows. The sunglasses are totally Taylor Swift, and the purse is so feminine and cute. I added the gold moon pendant to tie in with the belt. I'm in love with big, floppy sun hats, which I have carried over from summer 2012 and naturally, i just HAD to add one, especially for you beach goers; )

I personally love wearing cute casual outfits like this during the summer- what about you? What's YOUR summer style?
Tell me! I LOVE hearing about peoples' style, because you can always learn awesome new things about style, because the possibilities are endless! :) 

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