Tuesday, April 22, 2014


I know I have highly neglected this blog, and the name reason is because of college and other commitments like trying to post regularly on my YouTube channel while searching for a job as well to help fund my education. This summer I intend to pick up where I left off and continue blogging. I love blogging and it brings me great relaxation, and entertainment to talk about what I love most, while practicing and improving my writing skills.

With all that said, I'll talk about the following set.
 This set is an entry to win a contest, here's the info:
"LuisaViaRoma is getting ready to host the 9th edition of Firenze4Ever on June 13th, a 3-day event in Florence that invites international bloggers to style the latest fashion trends. You're invited to style your own look in a set, keeping in mind the event’s theme of 'Brazil, Art and Fashion.'” (Polyvore) 

When I thought of Brazil, I extremely thought "bright and colorful, fun" and that's exactly what I did. The bustier top is quite a statement piece, and the colors subtly match the skirt, while the shoes and clutch tie together the whole look. The jewelry was plain fun to add as well! 
All in all, this is a fun outfit for the fearless, fashionably fabulous girl :D

I strongly urge you all to like this set, link is here

I hope you all have a lovely night,

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