Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Maxi Dress Haven

So if you weren't already aware, I am absolutely, 100% smitten with dresses! I think the majority of my outfits include them or are based around them. Dresses are just so dainty and elegant! Here are two of my most recent sets that are based around dresses: 
This Nadia Tarr Paris Lyon Striped maxi is PERFECT for summer! One thing I absolutely adore about it is that the stripe change patterns, the bust is made of horizontal lines, while the rest are vertical/sideways and it gives a much more structured, polished look. Going out at night? This two-toned chain necklace matches the navy perfectly, and if you wear a cute updo, these Kendra Scott earrings will dress your ears up perfectly. If you didn't already know, I'm OBSESSED with stacking rings! These Cartier love rings are perfect for that, and another awesome statement ring that I think is absolutely magnificent is the AS29 Small Wing! It's such a statement, as I said before, and whenever I see it, I am definitely a little green with envy. The Stella McCartney Fallabella bag is a great addition to the outfit, throw all your necessities in it and hit the town! Pair it with  this leather motorcycle jacket to warm up your nights. 

Starting off with this maxi from ModCloth, & I must say, this dress is so dreamy and fairy tale like! Wear it and you will feel like a modern day princess! Damsel in distress anyone? Play the modern day Rapunzel and maybe you're prince will come rescue you! (Although, in the hit Disney movie Tangled it can totally be said that Rapunzel did the saving, so who knows? You're a heroine in your own right :D ) Adding a pretty flower crown (this one from my Miss Selfridge) will definitely make you feel more princess like, and give your wrist the royal treatment with this bracelet by Dorothy Perkins and your fingers with these rings by Lilith Star and the other by Sydney Evan. This leather satchel by The Leather Satchel Company is perfect for going on adventures, and these Sperry Topsider sandals are spiffy, and match the dress perfectly! 

What did you think of these two maxi dresses and their outfits? One is more edgy, while the other is definitely more flowy and girly. Which one do you prefer? 

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