Saturday, August 17, 2013

Send Me to New York Fashion Week

Send Me to New York Fashion Week

You should send me to Fashion Week because: it has always been my dream to attend- absolute TOP of my bucket list! And to correspond trends for Polyvore as well? That's an honor I would love to have! Not only that, but as a student pursuing Visual Communications to become a stylist, it would help me gain extremely valuable experience that would otherwise be difficult to obtain. The second reason I should be sent to fashion week, is because i'm a YouTube vlogger. It would be amazing to share my unique experience with my viewers, who would get to experience this amazing opportunity along with me- I could bring everyone to fashion week! It would really be a great insight to many! The last reason I would love to attend is to visit New York! It has been my DREAM to visit New York! I can't quite explain the excitement or drawl, except for that I have an ache to visit, and to visit during fashion week would just be the best way to experience it.

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