Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Summer Pops!

So we all know that THE summer trend is about making colors POP!

This hot pink high low dress is paired perfectly with these tangerine sandals(which happens to be summers it color!). The necklace just adds a little more of that colorful flair we're aiming for! All in all, this is just a fun outfit you can wear to the beach, or a party, hanging out with friends, wherever you want to look cute! :)

I love this trend; it's instantly a way to make your day brighter, and here is a well known fact: when you wear  bright colors you are very likely to feel more perky and confident!
Wear a brighter color when you're feeling down and you'll be cheered up ASAP :)
 Great, huh?I know that i feel that way when i wear bright colors!

What is your fave summer trend? Write a comment below or e-mail me at lgp3lnc@yahoo.com
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  1. Love your montage of pictures - great colours for summer!