Sunday, July 1, 2012

Trip Haul! :)

So guys, i'm back from my first trip of the summer!!!

It was an amazing experience, and i will cherish this trip so much

While i on the way back from camping, i stayed with  family friends for a few a few days after camping, and there grand-daughter happens to be on my best friends :)

While their, we went to Bath & Body Works, and they had a HUGE sale! :D

Here are the things i bought:

 Into The Wild spray, body was, and lotion :)

 2 new hand sanatizers,
aqua Blossom && I Love Shopping

 Carried Away lotion && Spray
 Charmed Life lotion && Carried Away, Sweet Pea, && Warm Vanilla Sugar body scrub

That's all i bought from Bath & Body Works! The full size bottles were all $3.00 (except for the lotion, which was $5.00) and the half size bottles were $2.00. The hand sanitizers were $1.50. SUCH an amazing deal!

The next few things are a blast from the past!

Since i was 11 years old, i've been collection the American Girl Dolls.I have 2 Just Like You Dolls, Felicity, Elizabeth, Nicki, && Samantha, along with numerous outfits, accessories, horses, furniture etc.
Well, imagine my delight when i was given these retired outfits :D

The last thing that i bought was a coat. It was freezing cold && raining, so i went up to a local thrift store && got this coat for $5.00! I love this coat so much and it was such an amazing bargain!

So those were the few things that i got on my trip! I'm going on a few more trips later in the summer, so perhaps i'll pick up some more things :)

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