Thursday, September 12, 2013

Fashion Week Review In the Raw: Rebecca Minkoff

It's every fashionista's favorite time of the year: Fashion Week! Everyone is basking in all it's glory, from the spectators on the level of the runway, to the models being thrusted on stage, to the designers anxiously awaiting the crowds response. While I wish I was there to report all the trends and such in person, I do happen to have the second best source: the internet. 

I thought i'd do a review of one my favorite designers collections', Rebecca Minkoff. 

After watching the show through (Just scroll down to the bottom of the page and it's called "REBECCA MINKOFF:Runway Video, Spring 2014 ), I have a pretty good idea of what to look forward to. Most of the pieces in her collection have either a black or white base, and have a nautical Mexican vibe to them, entailing the bright floral traces. These looks are very chic, and perfect for many. Anyone up to sailing, or maybe kite flying? 

Without being too over-bearing, here are some looks/pieces i loved:


Speaking of Rebecca Minkoff, one of my personal favorite YouTube beauty vloggers, Ingrid Nilsen (or MissGlamorazzi) was a hair model for TRESemme- I always thought she had such lovely locks!

Did I mention she met Rebecca Minkoff? What a lucky gal!


What do you guys think of the Rebecca Minkoff Spring 2013 line? 
Is it hot, or not? I want to hear you opinions!

Until next time,

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