Sunday, September 22, 2013

Who's Gonna Get Up After We're Gone?

Who's Gonna Get Up After We're Gone?

Happy first day of Fall! Crazy, because it was incredibly hot here in SoCal, and it JUST started to cool down yesterday. It;s crazy how it was 99 degree weather, and then suddenly switched to 70, especially in California. We all need a break from paradise eventually, or we'll forget what it is. So this is an official goodbye! This outfit is the perfect way to welcome in the more crisp months! 

Inspired by all the warm tones, I found this dress, and was incredibly inspired. This dark-toned yellow is a gorgeous fall color, and I added a belt to add shape around the waist! Another staple is a cute coat/jacket, and this chocolate brown one is perfect (NOTE: it also has a belt included, but the look was envisioned to be open, and if you were to button it up, you wouldn't see the other belt). The brown riding boots also add a nice little autumn touch! Last but not least, I decided on bright blue accessories, because the golden yellow complements the blue really well (infact, blue and yellow are one of my favorite color combos). I absolutely adore all the accessories- they really add that extra sparkle to whatever look you're going for! 

Like any of the pieces and want them for your own closet? Either click on the outfit, or visit for all the items! Follow me for more fabulous outfits while you're there ;) 

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